The right choice

Complies with all technical specifications established for correct and optimal operation

Performance and quality

  It is guaranteed to perform to exacting standards that have been 100% verified and tested to comply with the highest production quality.

Real-life proven

Extensive, real-life scenario testing has been carried out to obtain maximum vaporization capacity during operation

  • Dragon Shield Features

    • Protective coating on anticorrosive cabinet
    • Chimney with wind trap, for extreme climates
    • ASME certified heat exchanger
    • Auto ignition system, which guarantees autonomy
    • Thermal box to protect the electronic ignition system from extreme weather
    • Does not require electricity
    • Protective insulation on cabinet floor and walls
    • Burner with cadmiumized coating to prevent corrosion


  • Optimal operation

    Dragon Shield direct fired vaporizers are used when the gas vapor demand generated by operation exceeds the LP Gas storage tank's natural vaporization capacity. The vaporizer's function is to transform the gas-liquid phase into the vapor phase, due to the rise in temperature provided by the vaporizer. The vaporizer guarantees adequate gas flow to the inlet line to satisfy the fuel demand required for optimal operation.