¿Why use a vaporizer?

There are two main reasons:

  •   Exceed of demand

Dragon Shield direct fired vaporizers are used when the gas vapor demand generated by operation exceeds the LP Gas storage tank’s natural vaporization capacity. The vaporizer’s function is to transform the gas liquid phase into vapor phase, due to the rise in temperature provided by the vaporizer. The vaporizer guarantees the adequate gas flow to the inlet line to satisfy the fuel demand required for optimal operation.

  • Low temperature  

When a storage tank experiences low temperatures in extreme cold climates, the rate of natural vaporization inside the tank often decreases to the point where the rate of vaporization is not able to keep up with the required demand.  Dragon Shield Vaporizers have a proven track record of increasing the rate of vaporization in extreme cold climates to keep equipment operating without interruption.  You Can Depend on Dragon Shield Vaporizers. If you want Reliability in the most severe climate, consider a Dragon Shield Vaporizer.